Various Ways To Heat Your Swimming Pool

It is uncomfortable to swim in the cold water. The water in the swimming pool has to be at the right temperature, to make it easy for people to swim in it. Here, we will tell you important ways to select an efficient swimming pool heating system.

Factors you should consider when choosing a swimming pool heating system

Wondering how to heat a pool? You have come to the right place. There is a wide range of choices for swimming pool heating systems available for people.

The right selection depends on several factors that include the size, and type of the pool, the present residential heating system, frequency of use, preferred period and temperature of swimming. Aqua Science is a trusted company in Phoenix that provides a wide range of pool heater options.

Solar Energy

Solar water heaters are an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient option to heat the swimming pool with sunlight. This is an attractive and simple method to heat the pool. Solar water heaters are primarily used for sanitary and residential heating facilities. The level of benefits you get depends on the number of solar panels you install on the roof.

Solar panels

Solar panels differ from solar boilers on the way the energy is generated, where the former produces energy, the latter produces heat. The energy generated by solar panels is environment-friendly. It is used to efficiently heat the home as well as the swimming pool.

To heat the room quickly, you would need a combination of solar panels and an electric heat exchanger. The cost of this type of heating system depends on the quality, type and units of solar panels, the number of users in the family. With the increase in users, the need for energy production will also increase.

Solar mats

Solar mats are the preferred option to heat small-sized swimming pools. In this system, the water is pumped inside the mats that are heated by the sun. This causes solar mats to get warm. These mats then pass the heat to the swimming pool water.

Solar mats are intended primarily for smaller pools. This is because a large-volume pool needs more time to pump the bulk volume of water via solar mats. That’s the reason it takes a long duration to heat up a large swimming pool with these mats.


With a swimming pool heating system, you can enjoy swimming in all seasons comfortably. Understanding different types of water heating system help you choose the right one for your needs.


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