Various Problems of Commercial Refrigeration and How You Can Prevent Them

If you are running a bar, restaurant or a convenience store business in Phoenix, then you must be definitely having commercial refrigerant equipment for storing your food and beverages to keep them fresh.

There are a number of commercial refrigeration companies in Phoenix who may supply you all such equipment needed for your business.

However, time to time your refrigeration system may develop various kinds of problems and as a result, you may have to suffer a big loss. Following are few problems that take place in the refrigeration equipment time to time.

  • Temperature is not as cold as expected

It is very important that you must get the temperature, as per your setting. Otherwise all your stored food may get stale and bacteria may spread. People consuming them can also fall sick.

  • Thermostat problems

Often thermostat of the refrigeration system may become defective and hence it fails to maintain proper temperature which is needed.

  • Clogged/broken motor fans

All the motor fans should function properly because all these fans can help in controlling the temperature inside the refrigeration units to provide necessary air ventilation.

In commercial refrigeration, malfunctioning motor fan are the most common problems.

  • Bad compressor

Defects in compressor can always be bad news as this is mainly responsible for maintaining the cool temperature within the appliances. So, whenever you hear any humming noises from the compressor then be alert.

  • Ice/frost on the equipment

You will always expect the commercial refrigeration equipment to be cold, but if lots of ice or frost can be found on its components, then it is a sign that there is something wrong.

Often this can be due to refrigerant leak.

How to prevent various problems?

Following are few preventive actions that you must regularly carry out in order to prevent occurrence of all these problems mentioned above.

  • Clean equipment regularly

Try to clean the equipment regularly not only for the purpose of hygiene purposes but also it will provide an opportunity to check out various components, while you go through your cleaning activities.

  • Check motor fan blades time to time

Try to replace any broken or worn out components immediately. By replacing those parts which are worn quickly after noticing can often prevent certain bigger and costlier damages like break down.

  • Get inspected by professionals

Get all the commercial refrigeration equipment regularly inspected by professionals.   Proper maintenance will be the key to your appliances and can ensure its best performance during their lifespan and can also increase its life.


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