Tips for Safe Asbestos Removal

We all know the history of asbestos and the potential harm it can cause to people, and the biggest danger is when a homeowner decides to carry out a renovation, unaware that harmful asbestos is contained within the materials. If you are planning a kitchen revamp that involves removing ceiling and partition walls, there is a chance that asbestos is present, and when the substance is disturbed, the minute slivers of asbestos become airborne. Here are some tips regarding asbestos.

  • If you suspect asbestos is present, call in the experts – It simply isn’t worth the risk of assuming that asbestos is not present, and with local asbestos removal in Central Coast a phone call away, the experts will test for the presence of asbestos and then safely remove the material if it is present.
  • Asbestos was used extensively in the construction industry – In Australia, asbestos was used to build until the mid-1970s, so if your property was constructed prior to that period, there a good chance that some of the materials contain asbestos. It can be found in corrugated roof sheets, plasterboard-type cladding, cement sheeting, roof shingles, felt and siding, and if you are less than 100% certain that asbestos is not present, you should call a local asbestos removal company and have them take a look.
  • Boiler & pipe insulation – Due to asbestos being fire resistant, it is commonly found in forms of insulating material, so if you are removing an old heating system, there is every chance asbestos is involved. Don’t make the mistake of think you’ll be careful, as the slivers of asbestos are invisible to the naked eye, rather seek the help of an approved asbestos removal contractor, who is only a phone call away.
  • Testing for Asbestos – When the asbestos removal people arrive at your home, the first thing they do is isolate the suspect material, then they take a sample, which is then lab tested. If there is no asbestos present, then you can proceed with your renovation, however, if tests indicate the presence of this harmful material, the company are able to safely remove all traces.

It will take many more years to finally eradicate asbestos from the environment, and an entire industry is dedicated to this task. It takes a lot of training to become an approved asbestos removal technician, and only such people should be tasked with the removal of asbestos.


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