Should You Knock Down and Rebuild or Renovate Your Home?

If you have an old home that is looking dated, you may be considering a complete renovation. This can be hard work, and something that takes multiple months, but what most people don’t realise is that there are alternatives. One thing to consider is a knockdown and rebuild project, where your current home is completely demolished and a new, custom-built one is put up in its place. But which is the best option for you?

Look into what the project involves

Firstly, you should think about what your overhaul would involve. If it’s a renovation, what would need to be done and how many months would it take? Look into the knock down rebuild process Canberra too. For some people, the latter is much simpler and less disruptive, so might be a better option.

Think about your budget

While a knock down and rebuild might seem like the more expensive option, it can actually work out cheaper.

This is because:

  • Individual renovations like kitchens and bathrooms can be extremely costly
  • Once a renovation is underway, you often find additional issues that cost more money to fix
  • Renovations can take longer than a knockdown rebuild, which means a longer time period when you need to stay in a hotel or with family
  • It can often be more expensive to fix things than simply replace them

It’s important to come up with a realistic budget that takes everything into account so you can decide the best option financially. You may be surprised how much the different options cost.

What do you want to achieve?

The final question you’ll usually want to ask is ‘what am I looking to achieve?’ If your home simply needs redecorating, then a renovation project might be enough to get you on track. If there are things like structural issues, damp or your home is simply beyond economical repair, then it might be best to consider a knockdown, so you can start all over again in a whole new home.

In some cases, a home can be renovated successfully, while in other cases, it’s better to knock the place down and start all over again. If your home is old and in need of repair, it’s worth considering whether you should undertake one of these projects, and there can be pros and cons of both. Look into both options and get some quotes before you decide what’ll work for you.


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