Should You Get an Asbestos Survey Before a House Move?

When you are buying a new home there are many different consideration to make, many different stresses and challenges to overcome. One area that you might not initially think about is whether you need to undertake an asbestos survey when buying a home. When getting the survey done on the house you’ll receive some general instruction and information about how the property and structure sits currently and whether there are any problems to be aware of. Although this type of general survey might make note of any common asbestos materials present, it might not necessarily provide you with any greater level of detail or information about the asbestos and the condition of it.

This is where it is important to hire the services of a professional and licensed asbestos survey company, a team that can conduct a thorough asbestos survey of the property and advise you on the next steps to ensure your safety. Asbestos management and removal is a process that must be undertaken by a licensed operator only, and it is important that you have this level of support before you move into the home, as to do so otherwise might put you at risk of being exposed to deadly asbestos fibres.

Your next move should be considered based on the age of the property. If it is a new build home, one that was built after the ban of asbestos came into force in the UK in 1999 it is unlikely that there will be any asbestos present at all on the property. If there is, then the company responsible for building the property are in breach of the regulations.

If, however, the property was built or refurbished before 1999, when asbestos was completely banned, there could be asbestos present. There are many different types of both public and private buildings in the UK that have asbestos present in them. Also, if a homeowner is already aware of asbestos being present in the home they must make prospective buyers aware of the fact before any sale can be legally agreed. In some cases asbestos might be in good condition, and can therefore be left in place as long as it is professionally sealed. In the vast majority of cases however, it is required for the asbestos materials to be completely removed from the property.

You should never remove asbestos on your own. It only takes one breath of asbestos fibres to cause long-term trouble. Asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other asbestos-related illnesses can take decades to show symptoms, by which time it is almost certainly too late. Never take a chance with asbestos, and contact a licensed asbestos management company with the experience and know-how to remove asbestos safely from your property. That way, any dangers can be removed prior to you moving into your new home. It can be terribly disruptive to have asbestos removal work take place when you are already living in a property.


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