Selling your Outdated Home As-Is to a Real Estate Investor

Do you have green, pink, or blue tiles on your bathroom floors and walls? If so, your house might be outdated throughout. With an outdated house, some aspects of the property may not match the current home trends. Things such as popcorn ceilings, wallpaper, shag carpet, wood paneling, old appliances, old cabinets, and others make a home outdated.

While your current home features might be a hit decades ago, they won’t impress current home buyers. In fact, they can deter buyers from considering your home. If you own an outdated house and want to sell it, you can pay to renovate it. However, depending on what must be repaired, it can be costly. Your other option is to sell the property to an investor that will fix it up themselves. Real estate investors take the burden of renovation off your shoulders by buying your home in as-is condition.

What Selling As-Is Means

Selling your house as-is means you do not need to fix a thing. A lot of investors will purchase a home in this condition so they can fix it up and rent or sell it to an end-user. For you, this means time and money savings you could spend doing anything else. As a property investor, we buy old houses for cash so you do not need to wait for financing to go through.  Making an offer and closing the sale can usually take less than a month. After the deal is closed, you get the cash through wire transfer in a few days.

Why Sell to a Property Investor?

Selling your home in as-is condition saves you money. Often, the cost of upgrading a house is more than what you want to pay to get it up to snuff. This is where a reputable investor comes in. They will inspect your property and offer you a no-obligation quote. Thus, you get to see about the worth of your property and save yourself money, hassle, and time by letting the investor take care of the upgrades. Real estate investment companies sell the house to an end-user after renovating it. This eliminates the extra middle man and puts more money in your pocket. Also, this saves the final buyer some money after all issues with the house has been fixed. This way, they can live in their new home with peace of mind as they don’t have to worry about costly repairs.


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