Selecting Flatware? Here Are Few Things You Must Know!

The happiness of our family is what we all want and home-fest are the moments that bring the family together. During this time, we look forward to a smooth and happy gathering. Moreover, food is the key to the heart’s locker and anything that looks good is served more.

Hence, here are few ideas to do some magic with your flatware at Homefest.

  1. The material of the flatware

The material of the flatware is the first and foremost concern. Remember that, the same and similar are different things. Stainless steel and silver-plated flatware’s are the 2 most affordable options available in the market. Moreover, 18/10 and 18/0 (chromium/ Nickel ratio) is available in the market out of which the former is more durable.

  1. Shine level or the quality of lustre of the flatware

Some people are lustre lovers and might buy a few things just because of lustre. The same can happen with flatwares. In this case, while purchasing remember that shine is proportional to the amount of nickel in the material.

  1. Color and size

There is a plethora of colour, size and design options available for flatwares. You can choose them as per your need and desire for the pest or daily use.

  1. Do not forget the quantity

With quality, you should also have flatwares quantitatively. If you organize a bigger gathering or misplace a piece, you can utilize the other. It’s always better to have a 12-place setting but more is always good.

  1. What about serving pieces?

This will vary with the dish you are going to serve. The most commonly used pieces are soup ladle, pie server, large and small serving spoon, slotted spoon, serving fork, salad server, cheese knives, gravy ladle, and cake knife.

  1. Design!

Although design should be the one you love, but if you want to create a set, choose flatware that matches the design and style of your dish.

  1. Weight of the flatware

The weight of flatware is something people put stress on. Some people like flatware that feels heavy to the hand others prefer light. You can go for whatever you like.

  1. Proper caring of the flatware

For the first few times, you can simply wash the flatware by hand and put them in the dishwasher after further use.

  1. Match the flatware to your China dish

This match and mismatch can differ from person to person.


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