New To Gardening? Don’t Miss These Simple Pointers

Most first-time gardeners have confusions when it comes to taking care of their plants. Gardening is about practice, and it is okay to make a few early mistakes. However, you need to be careful about how you manage your garden, because some issues can cause serious losses. Simple things like keeping a check on garden bugs like aphids and grasshoppers, and using a soil conditioner can make a huge difference to your plants. In this post, we have a few pointers that you may want to consider.

Don’t over-water your plants

It is common for first-time gardeners to water their plants more frequently than required. You may want to avoid that, especially during winters, as plants don’t need as much water. During the summers, you are expected to water more frequently, but again, less is always more. A golden rule is to check the soil for moisture. You can easily check if the top soil is moist for up to two inches, and if that’s wet enough, no water is required. Create a watering schedule is a good idea, and you can use a soil conditioner too, which will increase water absorption.

Fertilizers are not always necessary

Unfortunately, people often believe that fertilizers are a must for growing plants, but more of that can actually damage your garden. Fertilizers, if to be used at all, must be added early and during the growth season of the plants. Instead of chemical ones, you can go for a soil conditioner¸ which has slow-release nutrients and enhances absorption of water. You wouldn’t fertilizers for most common plants, as long as the soil conditioner is a good one.

Create an environment

If you are opting for plants that are not native to your area, you have to be extra careful with regards to the environment. Early research is absolutely recommended, and you must find ways to create the natural environment. For humidifiers, you may want to use soil conditioners and other products, and ensure that the temperature is stable. Since we are talking of outdoor gardening here, it is absolutely necessary to find additional means of protecting the plants from extreme sun exposure.

Plants need attention, so you have to also consider your lifestyle and time you can devote, before you actually go ahead and invest in certain species. For instance, ferns and orchids may need more attention. Also, make sure to buy the right products and soil conditioners.


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