Learn About The Common Types Of Furnace Issues And Solutions

As furnace is an indispensable requirement in the winter season, it is important to learn about the issues that can happen in it. If you related to any of these issues, it is best to hire a furnace repair firm and get it repaired as soon as possible. We have listed the most commonly occurring furnace repair issues.

Clogged or Dirty Filters

Dirty and clogged filters reduce furnace efficiency. It will make your system work more to push air to heat the home. This will eventually damage the fan motor leading to costly repair in the long run. It can even result in a fire hazard. Whipple Plumbing is a leading furnace repair in Salt Lake City. For a free inspection of your furnace, call them today.

Thermostat Inaccuracies

A thermostat that doesn’t function properly will not provide adequate instructions to the furnace on maintaining the right temperature in the house. Your system may fail to work in the way you expect it to be.

Damage of parts

With continued use, the parts of the furnace will begin to damage. This includes belts, bearings, switches, filters, pilots, motors, burners, and fan blades. So, ensure that these parts are regularly checked and in the best working state.

Ignition related issues

A furnace may experience ignition issues that make it incapable to produce adequate amount of heat required by your household. It can also cause a safety hazard.

Odd noises

Your furnace can make distinctive, and strange irregular noises such as bangs, squeaks, rumbles, rattles, and clangs. This can indicate that some of the components inside it have got detached or loosened.

Your system resets on its own

A thermostat issue can lead your system to reset on its own continuously. One of the reasons for it could be a trip to the power source. A disturbance in the gas power to your furnace can also make it a non-functioning system.

High utility bills even when the furnace isn’t operating

A furnace repair is essential when you find that the utility bills are higher, especially when the system doesn’t provide adequate heating of the house. High consumption of power is a sign of a dirty, damaged or underpowered furnace.


So, before the repair leads to more damage, and require you to ultimately replace it, act proactively and get it checked by a technician.


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