Is a Home Security System Worth The Expense?

A security system protects your home from being burglarized. Is it worth? Absolutely. Research reveals the fascinating benefits of the home security system like the peace of mind and risk mitigation can outweigh the expenses for several homeowners.

Homeowner’s cost-benefit analysis

The trauma after being burglarized extends far behind the stolen valuables. Besides, the sentimental values of collectibles or collections, heirlooms and not easily replaceable items are not expendable. Besides, a reliable security system also protects your loved ones from intruders. This peace of mind is more worthy than the cost of a security system. It is the key factor in a homeowner’s cost-benefit analysis.

Many options are available in a home security system. However, the overall home security costs will depend on the features you choose. There are the ones that cover basics and those including bells & whistles. Between all these, there is a one that suits your budget.

Costs involved in a purchase of home security system


An alarm panel, motion sensors, hub, fire & smoke detectors, door & window sensors, cameras, lights, locks, water leak sensors, etc. are the equipment included in a security system. You can reduce the upfront cost choosing a contract based security system. The upfront cost includes equipment, installation, and activation. It sounds cool but free deals can include extra charges or signing a monitoring contract.


You can even choose a DIY installation home security system. Today, you get DIY equipment that can be installed without any tools. DIY home security system kits can be set in minutes without any concerns about running cables or damaging the wall.

For an advanced full-perimeter security system installation, you need to hire professionals. Professional installation means your equipment gets correctly installed as per your needs. All the sensors are set in a very advantageous way. It even ensures that your system warranty does not get compromised.


Activation charges are to be paid for one-time, so check the contract. In some systems, the activation charges are spread across the contract duration.


Professional 24/7 monitoring ensures high-level of security. Some companies allow monthly monitoring, while a few need you to sign a long-term contract. The monthly monitoring cost is low and you can cancel at any time.


Security system contracts will range from monthly to yearly. It depends on the security company. The pros of long term contracts are low-payments, but the downside is you cannot cancel it any time. When you relocate to another state or country there will be a need to pay significant cancellation fees. Monthly contracts offer flexibility. They can be high priced and need purchasing upfront equipment but can be canceled without penalty.

Insurance companies offer discounts if your home has a security system installed. You can save on 15% to 20% on the premium.


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