Here is Everything Basic You Should Know About Wood Boilers

Nowadays, many people are going for wood burning boiler stoves for heating their home to reduce their carbon footprint as well as save money. Boiler stoves tend to differ hugely in heat output, ranging from small stoves with small add in boilers for hot water only to the determined boiler stoves with huge integral boilers that can heat a large home. The boilers of today offer excellent efficiency, perfect for gaining financial savings and are ecofriendly as well. Here is more you should know about wood boiler.

Uses of wood burning boilers

  1. Hot water

Wood burning stoves that have low output boilers are used to heat hot water and offer direct heat to the room.

  1. Hot water and radiators

When heating 2 radiators or 100, you can easily find a wood burning boiler stove with the ideal output. The boiler stoves with thermostats are only meant to be used as primary heat sources.

  1. Link up

Multiple boilers can be attached to the same central heating system. Albeit, two boilers should be used for a link up system, but you can use more appliances. This option can be both complex and lethal if improperly installed, so you may need a professional to handle this task.

Open Central Heating Systems

Most of the wood burning stoves can only be used with open systems only. While, there can be multiple heat sources attached to an open system, it is essential to use a neutral point manifold that balances the temperature, pressure and volume of water in the pipes present and attached to it. The best neutral point manifolds for wood burning boiler stoves can be easily found. Note that they are not DIY items and must only be handled by a professional heating engineer when it comes to installation and repairs.

Sealed central heating system

There are a few number of wood burning boiler stoves available in the market when it comes to sealed heating systems, but stove manufacturers can are still trying to provide better products and services for the same.

Installation of wood burning stoves

If you are considering to install a wood burning boiler stove, then begin with a professional installation survey. A qualified engineer will be appointed to you to deal with the wet systems and must be HETAS certified to deal with solid fuel appliance.


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