Get to Know Different Kinds of Top-Dressing Spreaders

A healthy and well-fertilized lawn does not need a top dressing. What is top dressing? Topdressing is a process, where a thin material layer is added. It can either be a ½ or ¼ inch of soil amendment or compost. It enhances the soil biology and can even modify soil structure and drainage. Lawn stress is reduced, thatch is kept under control, worm casting bumps get smoothened, and the lawn enjoys natural fertilizer for the long term.

In the past, topdressing was spread with shovels in throwing action. Rakes were used to working down thatch layers or sprinklers were used to let the thin layer settle down. The task is time-consuming and very tiresome, so it was less popular. Today, lawn owners are looking for organic alternatives, they are investing in top dressing spreaders.

You can look for an easily maneuverable and walk-behind lawn top dressing spreader. Ecolawn Company in Sherbrooke has been offering self-propelled Ecolawn compost spreaders to customers. It has helped customers to top-dress their lawns, hedges, grapevines, sports turf, and under the row of crops.

Types of spreaders

Push spreaders

For small lawns, you can choose push spreaders. The machine can handle topdressing materials comprising of manure, compost, pellets, and granules. Shovel the material in a huge bin that is mounted on the spreader’s top. The shovel and the wheelbarrow can be left in the shed. Push around and enjoy a great workout!

Self-propelled spreaders

For a large lawn, there will be a need to spread loads of topdressing material. Self-propelled spreaders are motorized but there will need to push them and guide them towards the spots that need dressing. While trimming along the flower-beds and sidewalks, self-propelled spreaders make 90° to 180° turns around hurdles with ease.

Pull-behind spreaders

Ball hitches are used to attach the pull-behind spreader to a riding mower or a tractor. Hitch height is adjustable, which makes it possible to use it with any kind of vehicle you have. The spreader has its own set of wheels, which can be rolled easily behind any vehicle. Pull-behind spreaders can be used to spread salt, seed, sand, and even topdressing material.

Mulch rollers

Mulch is less pelletized and even than top dressings. They have large holes and cages are made from wire mesh. It allows you to get uniform mulch covering over large ground patches without bending constantly. For a thick layer, you can consider another pass over the first layer spread.


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