Cover Soot and Black Smoke Damage Before it Causes Discoloration on Walls

When anything is burned a black residue is formed in smoke which rises towards the sky as its light in weight. If there is any obstruction nearby like wall or ceiling then they settle on it. Gradually, a black patch can be seen on the walls which is the soot that is formed by burning any substance. This soot can be harmful because it may contain metal, chemicals and dust.

Soot is black smoke which is different from charcoal. It is fine texture which can easily enter our nostrils when we breathe. With continuous inhaling of soot, it can settle on our lungs leading to lung and other health issues. At home, where there is less ventilation the chances of soot settling on walls is more.

It isn’t necessary that the house needs to catch fire for soot to occur, but there are many other circumstances through which soot can settle on walls –

  • Less ventilation in the room or house for smoke to escape.
  • Regular usage of candles.
  • Usage of high temperature during cooking and excessive use of home furnace.
  • Industries where combustion based sources for power is used.
  • Too much black smoke from vehicle in the enclosed area.

Removing soot from walls can become a tedious task as it involves high ceilings as well. It is good to appoint a cleaning company that can assist you with it. These companies know the job for which they have been appointed. Moreover, they have best equipment and tools to access every corner of wall and ceilings which makes cleaning easier. Since their profession requires cleanliness, they use optimum quality of cleaning products and chemicals that are environment friendly.

Soot is dangerous for health as it can create various problems like –

  • Decreased amount of oxygen and increased amount of carbon dioxide in air.
  • Cancer
  • Respiratory problems
  • Premature death

If soot isn’t cleaned properly, the person staying in that room will continuously inhale it. Chances of breathlessness and heart attack occur majorly in areas where there is soot available in rooms. This is because fine particles not only enter lungs, but also bloodstream. Large residue of soot can be seen even through naked eyes, but tiny particles that are settled on objects and corners of rooms aren’t visible. This can be understood only by those who are professional.

There are different types of soot cleaning methods which is used depending upon the cause of formation. All soot look similar, but the soot caused by fire is dry soot and soot caused by cooking oil in closed kitchen is wet soot. Each type of soot requires different method of cleanliness.


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