A Basic Guide To Learn About Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs have the ability to create psychological havoc among most of the people. These small-sized parasitic insects can cause ailments in people. Mostly the favorite place for bed bugs to hide is in areas where they get quick access to their meal and very less disturbance. To effectively eliminate them, it is very important that you learn about them in detail.

Places where bed bugs generally hide

Potential places for bed bugs to hide include chairs, sofas, beds, and other areas where humans are inactive for the long-time period. They have also seen incidents of bed bugs infestation such as movie theaters, retail stores, restaurants, and public transportation.

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What is the color of bed bugs?

The color of bedbugs will vary. It is based on the stage of their life and when they fed last. Bed bugs that are in the early stages are straw-colored. The ones that are recently fed get a crimson color. As these bugs go older, they start to darken. These adult bugs appear dark brown in color when they digest a blood-meal.

What type of other insects resembles like a bed bug?

A trained specialist is able to tell whether there are bugs in your place or they are simply a common insect. There are a few insects as well as close relatives that resemble bed bugs. These insects include Ground beetles, Ticks, Bat Bugs, and Carpet beetles.

What is the size of a bed bug?

Bed bug adults have the size of an apple seed. It measures around 5mm in length. Younger bed bugs are very smaller in size. The size of a bed bug egg is just 1mm in length. As these molt and nymphs grow larger, one can see them very easily.


Bed bugs are one of the most problematic issues that home and business owners face. It is important to take quick action when you identify bed bugs. Many people use DIY solutions to solve the problem of pests. However, not all of them are effective. Calling a bed bug infestation control agency is one of the best ways to get rid of it effectively.


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