3 Common Types of Heat Pumps You should be Aware of

Heat pumps work quite similar to ACs and they can either cool or heat the air that passes through it. As heat pumps extract heat element from the air and transfer the energy, they can be proven to be a great choice because they use limited amount of energy. Heat pumps are ideal to be used in areas with moderate climate. But before you decide to install one, you need to understand the mechanics involved. There are types of heat pumps but they all need heat transfer in order to work. This article enlists types of entretient thermopompe used in a heat pump system.

  • Ground source heat pumps

Ground source, as the name suggests, extracted heat from the ground with the help of underground coils. Refrigerant courses via these coils to extract heat from the ground. Then this refrigerant is further recirculated frequently.

  • Air source heat pumps

This is also called air-air heat pump that uses heat flow to draw exterior air inside your hat pump. Once it is inside the heat pump, the cooler air passes via the coil with refrigerant where it further sucks heat from the air and give away vapor. Then, the vapor is channeled via a compressor where both temperature as well as vapor pressure is increased. Then the pressure and the vapor are separated, the refrigerant turns into liquid and returned to the coils where it accumulates more heat. Then the vapor is transferred to an air duct system where it is further released to a designated space. As it has a reverse valve where it uses refrigerant to extract heat from air, you can reverse the process as well. Rather than trapping heat, the system can be changed to run the opposite way. So the warm air is gotten rid of the environment and released outside. It works like a basic AC that removes heat to cool the interior environment.

  • Absorption heat pumps

They are also a type of air source heat pumps but they don’t depend on electricity in order to run. Rather, you can use gas, heated water or solar power as a main source. Moreover, you also don’t need to use a refrigerant at all for this process. In order to extract heat, you can use an absorption pump to absorb the ammonia into water. Next, the water and ammonia are combined and is pressurized to induce boiling and then the ammonia is boiled off.


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